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Orientation Call

Last night I finally got in on an orientation call. I wish I had been able to hear one sooner; it would have saved me a lot of time. Oh well, I figured a lot of the stuff out anyway so I guess it is ok.
I think the whole process of learning how to use the web site and discussion board is a little bit addicting. I find myself looking to see if there are any new posts more than once a day. Ok, a bunch of times per day. I guess I thought the discussion boards would be more like a chat room. I keep forgetting about the time


Lot’s of baby steps

I found out from my “buddy” Mariana that I don’t have to post my homework on my blog, so I’ve edited it out.
So far, I’ve made a few small steps on the road at ICA.
I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I asked for a buddy at the support center, and one day later my “Buddy” Mariana from Belgium contacted me. She is very helpful and she answered all of my questions. I am so glad that I finally got up the courage to ask for help.
The next thing I did was to ask for a Peer Coach on the discussion board. At first I thought no one would pick me but then I got an email from Prahnda. I’ll begin coaching with her on Wednesday this week. Today I got another offer from Emma. I hope we can also work together. One of the teacher’s said that she had 3 coaches, so I guess it’s ok to work with more than one coach.
I have taken a few classes so far:Perspective 1&2, Effective Feedback 1&2, and Power Listening 1&2. Now I just need to get the homework done.
I am still getting used to the technology. Tomorrow I’m picking up my headset and new telephone, which I had to order because the phones that we have at my house don’t have a place to plug a headset in.
It seems as if just learning how to learn at ICA is almost like the coaching process: doing small steps to mastery.
I wish I could think of a cool name for my blog but I haven’t got any ideas yet.

Homework: Reflections and Applications

I’m still trying to figure out everything on the Website. Today my buddy Mariana Florea from Belgium contacted me. I feel calm just knowing that there is someone with more experience who can guide me.
Tonight’s class on Effective Feedback with Sheri Boone was great. We had a good discussion about the importance of not giving our opinion in a coaching session. Over the past week I’ve noticed how often I give, or want to give my opinion in lot’s of situations. It is a little embarassing. I’ll try and hold back some more this week; I will work at developing my “not giving my opinion muscle” .

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