Today I learned how to Twitter

Today I spent some time, more than I want to admit, learning how to use Twitter. Well, there isn’t much to learn at first, because you can only type in 140 characters or spaces for your messages. I think the point is to keep everyone in the world updated on your life at any given moment.I keep reading that it’s very important to have a twitter account if you have a business because thousands of people are twittering every day and it’s an easy way to connect with them.

So, a couple of  weeks ago I registered on the twitter website: but then I got a little disappointed because I didn’t have anyone to follow and far worse than that, I thought that no one would want to follow me. No one I know in Germany uses twitter. No one I know is even the least bit interested in it. I felt so alone…

Then, this morning I read a post by Krish on called 12 People to Follow and Go Viral On Twitter. The list of the 12 people was originally from Darin Rowse who writes, and

Well, amazingly enough after deciding to follow those 12 people,  in a matter of hours I was following 39 people and better yet, 27 were following me!

I’m still not sure what it’s good for, but I feel like I’ve got my little wings now.


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