Ten Gratitude Exercises

Positive psychology is focusing more and more on gratitude and how to find it in your life to not only counteract depression but simply increase happiness. Here is a list of exercises I found on the Self Help Magazine Blog that Joanne found somewhere.

Ten Gratitude Exercises

1. Gratitude Journal

· Daily recall of 3 to 5 occurrences

· Association with “gift”

2. Remember The Bad

· The worst day of your life, but you made it through

· Counterfactual: “it could have been worse…”

3. Three questions

· What have I received from _________________?

· What have I given to ______________________?

· What troubles and difficulty have I caused__________?

4. Prayers of Gratitude

· From your own religious background

· From Native American or Buddhist traditions

5. Come To your Senses

· Body-related gratitude; the 5 senses

· Breathing

6. Use Structures (Visual Reminders)

· Reminding and becoming aware

· Post-Its, beepers, signs, objects, social support

7. Practice Gratitude

· Vowing to perform an act increases the likelihood that you’ll do it

· Write it down, repeat daily

8. Watch Your Language

· Whorfian hypothesis (language determines the nature and content of thought)

· The words we use create reality

9. Go through The Motions

· Pencil experiment

· Express gratitude as a habit

10. Think Outside The Box

· Be grateful to those who do you harm

· Be grateful to someone whom you benefit



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