On a Blogroll

I am committed to reading other ICA student’s blogs and commenting on them. I have had a lot of resistance to blogging but I’m warming up to it. I may turn into a Blogger after all. I’ve been blogrolling lot’s of new ICA blogs. The Blog Assessment page states that we should assess ourselves in terms of Regularity – Give yourself a mark out of 10 for regularity of your entries.  This does not refer to how long the entries were, but how regularly you made them.  If you made 1 entry a week, this would be a 10.  If you made a handful of entries throughout the program, this would be a 1.  When grading yourself on regularity answer the question, “How committed was I to sharing my experience through my blog?”


Connection – Give yourself a mark out of 20 for how well your blog connects to other blogs and websites.  A connection is when you (1) comment on another blog, (2) receive a comment on your blog, (3) link to another blog or website through your blogroll, or (4) your blog is linked from another blog or website (i.e. another student puts your blog on their blogroll).  If you made at least one connection each week and you showed how these web sites expanded your knowledge and understanding of coaching, this would be a 20.  If you only made 1 or 2 connections to other sites, and the relationship between these sites and your learning is unclear, then this would be a 1.  When grading yourself on connection ask yourself, “How committed was I to connecting with and learning from others?”


Reflection – Give yourself a mark out of 20 for your ability to reflect on new ideas and make them your own and then act on them. Your Blog should chart the things that you have learned in the course. If these ideas and concepts are simply reproduced like a shopping list, then this would be a 1. If you are able to discuss the content of the program in a way that shows that you have not only understood it, but have incorporated it into your own ideas and experiences to make it your own, then this would be a 20.  When grading yourself on reflection and discussion ask yourself, “How did I take what I learned through ICA and turn it into my own style and practice?”

Reflection on the Reflection

I have to “get with the program” since I’m planning to graduate in June and all of my assessments have to be sent in by the end of April. I’ll need to be a turbo blogger from now on.



1 Response to “On a Blogroll”

  1. 1 noellanl February 10, 2008 at 9:55 pm

    Thanks Suzy for leaving your blog address at the discussion board.

    i wasnt that keen on blogging either, so finding my way.

    hope you are enjoying the training. are you german?

    Have a great week!

    Noëlla (from Spain)

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