Back in Germany

Well, tomorrow is my official first day back at work. I actually worked on Friday, but that doesn’t count. I’m just pretending it didn’t happen. I actually wish I had another day, but then again, I’m probably just being greedy.
I went to the ICF Coaching Conference in Long Beach California last week which was fun. I got to meet some of the teachers from ICA (Merci Meglino, Karen Cappello, Jamie Tenzer, Joanne Waldman, Sheri Boone, Bronwyn Ireland and Bill Turpin) as well as some other ICA students, which was a kick.
Unfortunately I got sick on Saturday with the stomach flu. It was a nasty bug. I wonder if anyone else at the convention got sick…
I tried to change my flight back to Germany but because I had bought the cheapest flight, it would have cost too much to change it. I have spent the last week recovering and now I feel ready to take on the challenge of ICA again.
I’ve just spent my Sunday trying to get a one page Website up with no luck. I bought the new iWeb 08 for Mac in L.A. thinking I could just do a beginner website by myself and upload it to my host website, but I can’t seem to get the files uploaded. I can’t figure out the problem. It’s late now and I’m frustrated. I would call support, but I have to wake up so early tomorrow I’d better just through in the towel and hit the sack.


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