Reflection: Action vs Delay

What action do you need to take right now to move your life forward?

Well, right now my life is moving forward very quickly. I am taking way too many ICA classes, working, taking care of my family and trying to figure out the coaching situation here in Germany. I’ve also signed up for a workshop on starting your own business in Germany as well as an information evening for a German “business coaching”program.
I’m improving my self care by saying “no” more often so I have more time to myself; I have 3 peer coaches cheering me on and I’m getting a full body massage 2 times a month to celebrate!
This week the most important action I need to take is to call up a German tax accountant and ask lots and lots of questions. I’ve been putting this off, so I know it’s the most important thing that would move me forward.

Which of the approaches to generate Action appeal to you, and why?

I like the “you could die tomorrow. If you did, would you regret not doing this?” perception because it helps the client imagine a point in the future, tomorrow, and he can imagine the loss he would feel if he doesn’t do the action. It helps to clarify how important the action is, or not.

One more approach to create action:

Just getting the client to think more proactively:
What is the action plan? What will you have to do to get the job done?
What support do you need to accomplish it?
What will you do?
When will you do it?

How I would change my life if I were going to die one year from now?

Not much. The only actions I would take would be to say goodbye to everyone I love and tell them again how much I love them. I would write letters to my children to read when they are older. I would spend as much time as possible with my husband and children. I’d travel with them to some places we’ve fantasized about visiting.


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