Reflections on Acknowledgment

What difference would it make in my life, over the next five years, if I received 50 % more acknowledgement than I do today.

Wow! What a thought! I ‘m sure it might transform my life.

Think of a time in my life when I have been acknowledged. How did it make me feel?

I can think of lot’s of times when I’ve been acknowledged. Just the other day my 14 year old daughter actually thanked me and acknowledged me for giving her attention whenever she needs it. I couldn’t believe it, because for me, it’s normal, I don’t even have to try, I love her so much and am so interested in her and her emotional life that I always am happy when she wants or needs my attention. It made me feel great!

Describe what life feels like when we make efforts without acknowledgement.

At this time in my life, I am ok without being acknowledged because I give myself a lot of acknowledgement. But, I remember when I was younger that I felt sad when I wasn’t acknowledged.

What do you think are the benefits in acknowledging clients as part of the coaching relationship?

I think that acknowledging clients is really important because it’s something that most people don’t do for themselves. Most people are very self-critical and they are not even aware of all of the things that they do well, how far they’ve come, what they’ve accomplished, or how many things they are a master of in their lives. They tend to concentrate only on the negative. Acknowledging is also positively reinforcing the things that are funtioning well for them. The feeling of validation is very powerful.


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