Trying to keep up while travelling

I’m sitting in a motel room in Oceanside California. The past week has been challenging, as I try to keep up with my peer coaching while I’m on vacation in the USA. I’m being coached by 3 wonderful coaches. One from Portugal, one from India and one from Sweden. When I arrived in Los Angeles I bought 2 Sprint prepaid cards so I could keep up with my calls. I found out afterwards, that a phone call to Sweden costs 20.00 per hour. I didn’t even check the rest. As it turns out, Skype is cheaper. The only problem is, that I have to sit in my car in the parking lot in fromnt of Starbucks in 87 degree weather and talk, so I have some privacy because my dad’s house where I’m staying doesn’t have internet access. I can go online at Starbucks but it’s a little silly trying to have a coaching session in the middle of a Starbucks cafe.
Today I’ve driven with my daughter, Anna, down the coast to Oceanside, for a little mother- daughter road trip, and the motel where we’re staying has Wi Fi in all of the rooms. I can finally catch up with my email and other things…


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